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BIO202 : Biochemistry-I

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Dr. Nakhshab Choudhry

Course Contents

Introduction to Carbohydrates, Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides, Isomerism, Chiral centers, Double bonds, D and L Isomerism, Enantiomers, Optical activity, Cyclic ring structures, Anomers, Ring structures of monosaccharides, Epimers, Trioses, Tetroses, Pentoses, Hexoses, D-Galactose, D-Fructose, Properties of monosaccharides, Proteins, Properties of Proteins, Composition of Proteins, Conventions used to identify the carbons in amino acids, Acidic and basic properties of amino acids, Classification of amino acids: Aliphatic R groups, Aromatic amino acids, Aliphatic, Polar Uncharged R groups, Positively charged (Basic R groups), Negatively charged (Acidic) R groups, Glucogenic or ketogenic amino acids, Classification of proteins, Functional classification of proteins, Peptide bond, Structural Hierarchy of Proteins, The Primary Structure, The Secondary structure, The Tertiary Structure, The Quaternary Structure, Protein folding, Protein misfolding, Protein denaturation, Reversible binding of a protein.

Course contents for Practical classes

1.      Preparation of laboratory solutions

2.      Determination of pH.

3.      Qualitative tests for carbohydrates-I

4.      Qualitative tests for carbohydrates-II

5.      Quantitative tests for carbohydrates

6.      Qualitative tests for proteins –I

7.      Qualitative tests for proteins –II

8.      Quantitative tests for proteins

9.      Qualitative tests for lipids-I

10.  Qualitative tests for lipids-II

11.  Quantitative tests for lipids

12.  Enzyme assays and the effect of pH on enzyme activity.

13.  Effect of temperature on enzyme activity.

14.  Effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity.

15.  Paper chromatography of amino acids.

16.  Estimation of saponification value of fats/oils.