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BIO303 : Biochemistry II

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Samea Khan
Quaid-i- Azam University Islamabad

Course Contents

BIO303- Course contents

BioEnergetics, Standard free energy, Free-Energy Changes Depend on Reactant, Standard free energy changes are additive, Chemical Logic and Common Biochemical Reactions, Phosphoryl Group Transfers and ATP, Hydrolysis of ATP, Biological Oxidation-reduction reactions, Universal Electron Carriers, Glycolysis, Fates of Pyruvate, Energy generated during Glycolysis, Fermentation, Uses of Fermentation in Industry, Industrial Fermentation, Gluconeogenesis, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Denaturation of DNA, Renaturation of DNA, Structure and types of RNA, Enzymes, Inhibition of enzyme activity, Water, Buffer System and Buffer solutions.

Practicals Outline: 

1.       Lab Safety protocols

2.       Introduction  to Lab equipment

3.       Preparation of stock solutions.

4.       Preparation of working solutions.

5.       Estimation of normal and abnormal glucose levels in urine-part A

6.       Estimation of normal and abnormal glucose levels in urine-part A

7.       Estimation of albumin levels in urine

8.       Estimation of uric acid levels in urine

9.       Estimation of chloride contents in urine

10.   Estimation of phosphate contents in urine

11.   Kidney function test-I

12.   Kidney function test-II

13.   Kidney function test-II

14.   Liver function test-I

15.   Liver function test-II

16.   Liver function test-III