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BIO303 : Biochemistry II

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course of biochemistry is a very fundamental course and essential for all life sciences discipline. Biochemistry-II is an advanced course of molecules of life, e.g carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, DNA, bio-processes, bio catalysts, cellular respiration: oxidative phosphorylation and energy metabolism in general.

Course Learning Outcomes


  • Students who are pursuing this course of biochemistry will enable themselves to grab the concept of basic procedures of biochemistry, which are important to understand the structure, functions and properties of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Other potential topics in the curriculum include a study of biochemistry, an introduction to enzymes, transamination, urea cycle, etc.

Course Calendar

Standard free energy2PPTN/A
Standard free energy -II3PPTN/A
Free-Energy Changes Depend on Reactant4PPTN/A
Standard free energy changes are additive5PPTN/A
Chemical Logic and Common Biochemical Reactions6PPTN/A
Chemical Logic and Common Biochemical Reactions-27PPTN/A
Phosphoryl Group Transfers and ATP-8PPTN/A
Phosphoryl Group Transfers and ATP- II9PPTN/A
Hydrolysis of ATP10PPTN/A
ATP energizes active transport and muscle contraction11PPTN/A
Biological Oxidation -reduction reactions-12PPTN/A
NADH and NADPH are soluble electron carriers13PPTN/A
NADH and NADPH are soluble electron carriers -II14PPTN/A
Universal Electron Carriers15PPTN/A
Glycolysis- the pay off phase17PPTN/A
Fates of Pyruvate18PPTN/A
Energy generated during Glycolysis-19PPTN/A
Preparatory phase of Glycolysis Requires ATP20PPTN/A
Preparatory phase of Glycolysis Requires ATP - cont21PPTN/A
Preparatory phase of Glycolysis Requires ATP - cont - II22PPTN/A
Preparatory phase of Glycolysis Requires ATP - cont - III23PPTN/A
Fates of Pyruvate under Anaerobic Conditions24PPTN/A
Ethanol Fermentation25PPTN/A
Uses of Fermentation in Industry26PPTN/A
Industrial Fermentation-127PPTN/A
Industrial Fermentation-cont-228PPTN/A
Industrial Fermentation-cont-329PPTN/A
Assignment No. 1
Industrial Fermentation-cont-430PPTN/A
Industrial Fermentation-cont-531PPTN/A
Industrial Fermentation-cont-632PPTN/A
Industrial Fermentation-cont-733PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont - 135PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont - 236PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont - 337PPT
Gluconeogenesis - cont - 438PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont -539PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont - 640PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont -741PPTN/A
Gluconeogenesis - cont - 842PPTN/A
Pentose Phosphate Pathway - PPP - 143PPTN/A
Pentose Phosphate Pathway - PPP - 244PPTN/A
Assignment No. 2
Pentose Phosphate Pathway - PPP - 345PPTN/A
Denaturation of DNA46PPTN/A
Denaturation of DNA.. contd47PPTN/A
Renaturation of DNA48PPTN/A
Difference b/w DNA and RNA50PPTN/A
Structure of RNA51PPTN/A
2ndry structure of RNA52PPTN/A
Function of mRNA53PPTN/A
Transfer RNA54PPTN/A
Quiz No. 1
Transfer RNa..155PPTN/A
Transfer RNa..256PPTN/A
Ribosomal RNa57PPTN/A
IUB Classification of enzymes--Missing60PPTN/A
Midterm Examination
Mechanism of enzyme action64PPTN/A
Mechanism of enzyme action..cont -165PPTN/A
Mechanism of enzyme action..cont -266PPTN/A
Mechanism of enzyme action..cont -367PPTN/A
Cofactor, coenzyme and prosthetic groups68PPTN/A
Cofactor, coenzyme and prosthetic groups69PPTN/A
Reaction rate and order of reaction70PPTN/A
Factors affecting enzyme activity71PPTN/A
Factors affecting enzyme activity (cont)72PPTN/A
Enzyme kinetics73PPTN/A
Enzyme kinetics..cont I74PPTN/A
Quiz No. 2
Enzyme kinetics..cont II75PPTN/A
Enzymes...Michaelis-Mention Eq.76PPTN/A
Enzymes...Michaelis-Mention Eq.cont-177PPTN/A
Enzymes...Michaelis-Mention Eq.cont-278PPTN/A
Enzymes...Michaelis-Mention Eq.cont-379PPTN/A
Enzymes... Order of Reaction80PPTN/A
Lineweaver-burk plot81PPTN/A
Inhibition of enzyme activity82PPTN/A
Competitive inhibition83PPTN/A
Competitive inhibition.. contd84PPTN/A
Non-competitive inhibition85PPTN/A
Enzymes.. effect on lineweaver-burk plot86PPTN/A
Ionization of water88PPTN/A
Buffer System.. working solutions89PPTN/A
Weak acids and bases90PPTN/A
Buffer Solutions..HH equation91PPTN/A
Buffer Solutions92PPTN/A
Graded discussion board
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