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BIO734 : Advances in Cell Biology

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Dr. Fakhra Liaqat
Ege University Izmir, Turkey

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Introduction to Cell Biology, Composition of Matter, Molecules of Life, Proteins: Polymers of Amino Acids, Protein Structure, Protein Interaction, Carbohydrates: Sugar Polymers, Carbohydrates: Glycosidic linkages, Lipids: Nonpolar Hydrocarbons, Lipids: Saturated & Unsaturated, Nucleic Acids: DNA & RNA, RNA & DNA, Unit of Life, Journey into the Cell, Size Matters, The Nucleus, Ribosomes, The Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi & Lysosomes, Mitochondria, Motor Proteins, The Miracle Workers, Membranes, membrane Components, Recognition and Adhesion, Transport across membranes, Vesicle formation, Cell division, Cell Cycle, Chromosome, Mitosis, Chromosomes-Conti..., Meiosis-I, Meiosis-II, Meiosis-Conti.., Comparison-(Mitosis-Meiosis), Transcription regulation, Transcription regulation in E.Coli, Transcription Regulation in E.Coli 2, Transcription Regulation in Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic Transcription, RNA Processing, Cell signalling and prehistoric world, The Instructions and the Design, The Modes and Principles, The Modes and Principles II, The Modes and Principles III, Signalling in E.Coli, G protein linked, Receptor, Protein Kinases A, G proteins, G proteins vision, Cell signalling and Us, Cell signaling and memory, Enzyme linked receptors, Enzyme linked receptors 2, Enzyme linked receptors 2 (Conti...), RTK signalling gone wrong, PI3 Kinase, PKB apoptosis inhibition, JAK-STAT signaling, TGF-Beta receptor Family, Proteolysis Signaling Pathways, Immune system, Immune system 2, Immune system 3, AIS, The B-Cells, The B-Cells 2, The Antibodies, Immunological memory, Acquired Immunological Tolerance, Antibody diversity, Class Switching, T-Cells and TCR, APCs activate T cells, MHC, Cytotoxic T cells, Helper T Cells, TH-1 and TH-2, TH-2 B-Cell activation, Checks and Balances, Complement System, Complement System 2, The Alternative Pathway, Neoplastic Transformation, Growth promoting oncogenes, Growth promoting oncogenes Cyclins and CDKs, Growth promoting oncogenes Cyclins and CDKs (Conti..), DNA Repairing genes, Apoptosis Genes, Protein Sorting, Protein Sorting Mechanism, Nuclear Transport, Nuclear localization signals [NLSs] and transport, Nuclear Receptors, The Ran Cycle, Control of import and export, Protein Transport into Mitochondria, The Translocators, ER Transport Introduction, ER Transport, Traslocation, Multipass Transmembrane Proteins, Vesicle Transport, COPI, COPI the Retrieval Process, Lysosomal Transport, Endocytosis, Tissue Replacement, Organ repair via stem cell, Customized stem cells, Adult stem cells, Cytokines induced stem cell proliferation and differentiation, In-vitro organ/tissue fabrication, Introduction to Advances in Cell Biology, Cell Junctions, Communicating/Gap, Junctions, Plasmodesmata: Plant Gap Junctions, Occluding Junctions, The Anatomy of Occluding, Junctions, Anchoring Junctions, Adherens Junctions, Desmosomes, Cadherins, Cadherin link to actin, Cadherins & Development, A Plant’s Story, Transient Cell-Cell Adhesions, Selectins & cytoskeleton, Ca2+-independent Cell-Cell Adhesion, Integrins, Integrin Diversity, Integrin Cytoskeleton Interaction, Anchor Proteins Introduction, Anchor Proteins Detailed View, Integrin regulation, FAK, Extracellular, Matrix(ECM), Glycosaminoglycan (GAG), Hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid or hyaluronate), Proteoglycans & Glycoproteins, More Than Scaffolds, GAG Organization, Cell-Surface Proteoglycans, ECM: Collagens, Non-Fibril Collagens, Collagen Secretion, Collagen Continued, Fibril Associated  Collagen (FAC), Cell Organize  Collagen Fibrils, Elastin, Fibronectin, Fibronectin Forms, Basal Lamina (Basement Membrane), Basal Lamina Additional Functions, ECM: Cell Shape, Survival & Proliferation, Controlled Degradation of ECM, The Cytoskeleton Introduction 1, The Cytoskeleton Introduction 2, The Cytoskeleton Introduction 3, Thermal Stability, Cytoskeletal Polymer Nucleation, Polar Filaments 1, Polar Filaments 2, Growth Rates, Filament Treadmilling, Treadmilling Animation, Dynamic Instability, Dynamic Instability Animation, Tubulin & Actin Isoforms, Intermediate Filament, IF Diversity, IF Genes Mutations, Cytoskeletal Drugs, γ-tubulin, Centrosome, Actin Filament Nucleation, Actin Filament Elongation, Tropomyosin & Cofilin, Stathmin, Motor Proteins  Force Generation, Motor Proteins and Intracellular Transport, Motor Protein Function Regulation, Muscle Contraction 1, Muscle Contraction 2, Heart Muscle, Cilia and Flagella, Neuronal Cytoskeleton 1, Neuronal Cytoskeleton 2, Neuronal Cytoskeleton 3