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BIO734 : Advances in Cell Biology

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Prof. Dr. Fridoon Jawad Ahmed
University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

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cell constituents, cell interaction, cell processes, cell signaling and cells in system biology as a whole. Furthermore, it is best course for understanding molecules and units of life, biocatalysts, cell division/membranes, its origin and genetics in general. In the latter half of the course advanced topics are explained for better understanding of topics which includes cell junctions, Communicating/Gap Junctions, Plasmodesmata: Plant Gap Junctions, Cadherins, Cadherin link to actin, Cadherins & Development, Integrins, Integrin Cytoskeleton Interaction, GAG Organization, Filament Treadmilling, MAPs, IF Cross-linking, Actin Organization, Actin Organization 2, Severing Proteins, Molecular Motors, Force Generation, Kinesins & Dyneins, Intracellular Transport, Muscle Contraction, Anatomy of the Muscle Cell, Muscle Contraction Animation.