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BT406 : Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement

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Usama Masood
MS Industrial Biotechnology
NUST Islamabad

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Introduction to Research, Scientific Methods of Research, Classification of Research, Theory and Research, Ethical Issues in Research, The Research Process, Problem Definition & Research Proposal, Review of Literature, Conducting a Systematic Literature Review, Concepts, Variables and Types of Variables, Theoretical Framework, Hypothesis Testing and Characteristics, Research Design, Experimental Research, Sample & Sampling Terminology, Probability & Non-Probability Sampling, Types of Probability Sampling, Data Analysis, Data Transformation, Data Presentation, The Parts of a Table, Qualitative Techniques, Narrative Research, Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, Ethnographic Research, Case Study Research, The Five Approaches Compared, Data-Collection in Qualitative Research, Report Writing, Referencing, Non-Reactive Research, Use of Secondary Data, Qualitative Research: Observation Studies/Field Research, Observational Studies, Historical Comparative Research, Focus Group Discussion.