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GEN731 : Advanced Molecular Genetics

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Prof. Dr. Jamil Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Fridoon Jawad Ahmad
University of the Punjab, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA

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Introduction to genetics, Molecules of Life: Protein, Carbohydrates, Lipids and Nucleic Acids. Clinical aspects of disorders, Multifactorial, Cytogenetic and Autosomal genetic disorders Cytogenetic disorders of sex chromosome     Investigating heredity molecules, DNA function and Replication ,The Dilemmas, PCR techniques Principle and types, electrophoresis, DNA Fingerprinting and Sequencing, Genetic Engineering,  RFLP, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, Transcription, Genetic code, Charging tRNA, Translation workbench, Translation Protein targeting, Transcription regulation. Transcription Regulation in E.Coli and Transcription Regulation in Eukaryotes.      Cell signaling, G proteins vision, Enzyme linked receptors, RTK signalling gone wrong, PI3 Kinase, PKB apoptosis inhibition, JAK-STAT signaling, TGF-Beta receptor Family, Proteolysis Signaling Pathways, genetic disorders, Genetic bases mutations, DNA and RNA extraction, Chromosomes staining techniques, different type of PCR types, Applications of PCR, blotting types and procedure.