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GEN732 : Advanced Cytogenetics

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Dr. Fridoon Jawad Ahmad, Dr. Jamil Ahmad
Ph. D

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Cell cycle and division. Chromosome morphology, heterochromatic and euchromatic chromosomes. Chromosome banding. Changes in chromosome structure and number, aneuploidy, its origin and sources. Trisomics, monosomics, nullisomics, transmission and factors influencing transmission, breeding and genetic behaviour, genetic ratios and uses of trisomics and monosomics. Euploidy: autopolyploidy; occurrence and general characteristics. Haploids vs monoploids artificial production of haploids and dihaploids. Theoretical genetic ratios for single gene locus, genetic data, linkages in autopolyploids. Allopolyploid; origin, evidences of homology between chromosomes. Univalents: genetic and breeding behaviour. Aneuploids in plants, insects and animals. Chromosomal identification in different genomes. Chromosome mapping. Special methods of locating genes. Polyploidy and evolution, polyploidy in speciation. Apomixis and its role in plant breeding