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ENG301 : Business Communication

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ENG101, ENG201, MCM301


Mr. Shakeel Amjad
Beacon House National University

Course Contents

1.Introduction to Communication 2.Flow of Communication 3.Theories of Communication 4.The Process of Communication and Misconceptions 5.Barriers in Effective Communication 6.Non-verbal Communication 7.Traits of Good Communicators 8.Principles of Business Communication 9.Concreteness 10.Consideration 11.Intercultural Communication 12.Individual Cultural Variables 13.Process of Preparing Effective Business Messages 14.The Appearance and Design of Business Messages 15.Communication Through Technology 16.Basic Organizational Plans 17.Inquiries and General Requests 18.Letter Writing (Placing Orders) 19.Letter Writing (Claim Letter) 20.Letter Writing (Adjustment Letter) 21.Collection Letter 22.Sales Letter 23.Memorandum and Circular 24.Minutes of the Meeting 25.Business Reports 26.Business Reports (Letter Reports) 27.Business Reports (Formal Reports) 28.Market Reports 29.Job Search and Employment 30.Resume Writing 31.Application Letter 32.Graded Discussion Board 33.Job Inquiry Letter and Interview 34.Process of Preparing the Interview 35.Oral Presentation 36.Language Practice and Negotiation Skill 37.Negotiation and Listening 38.Thesis Writing and Presentation 39.Research Methodology