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ENG301 : Business Communication

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to help students learn Business Communication by developing their written and oral communication skills thus helping them to be successful professionals. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with real-life communication issues; practical knowledge other than the theoretical discussions.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • communicate professionally using accounting, finance, and marketing terminology
  • understand business concepts and techniques
  • write resumes, memos, applications, proposals, letters and business reports
  • demonstrate oral skills in presentations and interviews that are extensively used in the business world
  • persuade people to accomplish your desired goals in the business world

Course Calendar

Introduction to Communication1Handouts2-6
Flow of Communication2Handouts7-10
Theories of Communication3Handouts11-12
The Process of Communication and Misconceptions4Handouts13-14
Barriers in Effective Communication5Handouts15-17
Non-verbal Communication6Handouts18-20
Non-verbal Communication7Handouts21-23
Traits of Good Communicators8Handouts24- 25
Principles of Business Communication9Handouts26- 29
Quiz No.1
Intercultural Communication12Handouts40-42
Intercultural Communication13Handouts43-46
Individual Cultural Variables14Handouts47-50
Process of Preparing Effective Business Messages15Handouts51-56
Assignment No. 1
The Appearance and Design of Business MessagesHandouts57-68
Communication through Technology18Handouts69-74
Quiz No. 2
Basic Organizational Plans19Handouts75-79
Inquiries and General Requests20Handouts80-84
Inquiries and General Requests21Handouts85-94
Letter Writing (Placing Orders)22Handouts95-102
Mid Term Exam
Letter Writing (Claim Letter)23Handouts103-106
Letter Writing (Adjustment Letter)24Handouts107-112
Collection Letter25Handouts113-117
Sales Letter26Handouts118-125
Memorandum and Circular27Handouts126-129
Graded Discussion Board
Minutes of the Meeting28Handouts130-135
Business Reports29Handouts136-140
Business Reports (Letter Reports)30Handouts141-146
Business Reports (Formal Reports)31Handouts147-151
Quiz No.3
Market Reports32Handouts152-157
Job Search and Employment33Handouts158-162
Resume Writing34Handouts163-171
Resume and Application Letter35Handouts172-176
Assignment No. 2
Job Inquiry Letter and Interview/ Preparing InterviewHandouts177-186
Oral PresentationHandouts187-195
Language Practice and Negotiation Skill40Handouts196-200
Negotiation and Listening41Handouts201-207
Thesis Writing and Presentation42Handouts208-213
Quiz No.4
Thesis Writing and Presentation43Handouts214-220
Research Methodology44Handouts221-226
Research Methodology45Handouts227-241
Final Term Exam
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