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ENG301 : Business Communication

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to help students learn Business Communication by developing their written and oral communication skills thus helping them to be successful professionals. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with real-life communication issues; practical knowledge other than the theoretical discussions.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • communicate professionally using accounting, finance, and marketing terminology
  • understand business concepts and techniques
  • write resumes, memos, applications, proposals, letters and business reports
  • demonstrate oral skills in presentations and interviews that are extensively used in the business world
  • persuade people to accomplish your desired goals in the business world

Course Calendar

1 Introduction to Communication
2 Flow of Communication
3 Theories of communication

4 Process of Communication
5 Barriers of Effective Communication
6 Non- Verbal Communication

7 Non- Verbal Communication
8 Traits of Good Communicators
9 Principles of Business Communication

10 Principles of Business Communication
Quiz No. 1
11 Principles of Business Communication
12 Intercultural Communication

13 Inter Cultural Communication
14 Individual Cultural Variables
15 Process of Preparing Effective Business Messages

16 The Appearance and Design of Business Messages
Quiz No. 2
17 The Appearance and Design of Business Messages
18 Communicating Through Technology
Mid-Term Examination

19 Organization Plan Direct and Indirect Approach
20 Letter Writing
21 Letter Writing

22 Letter Writing
23 Letter Writing
24 Letter Writing
Quiz No. 3

25 Letter Writing
26 Letter Writing
27 Memorandum & Circular

28 Minutes of the Meeting
29 Business Reports
30 Business Reports

31 Business Reports Continued.
32 Market Reports
33 Job Search and Employment

34 Resume Writing
35 Resume & Application Letter
Quiz No. 4
36 Job inquiry letter and interview

37 Process of preparing the interview
38 Oral Presentation
39 Oral Presentation Continued.

40 Language practice and negotiation skill
41 Negotiation and listening
42 Thesis Writing and Presentation

43 Thesis Writing and Presentation Continued.
44 Research Methodology
45 Research Methodology Continued.
Final-Term Examination