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ENG503 : Introduction to English Language Teaching

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Dr. Muhammad Islam
PhD Applied Linguistics
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

Course Contents

1.Introduction to ELT  2.Nature and Functions of Language  3.History of English Language 4.English as an International Language (EIL)  5.English in Pakistan  6.Psychology of Language  7.Second Language Acquisition I  8.Second Language Acquisition II  9.Methods and Approaches of Language Teaching I  10.Methods and Approaches of Language Teaching II  11.Teaching of Listening skills  12.Teaching of Speaking skills  13.Teaching of Reading skills  14.Teaching of Writing skills/Integrated Skills  15.Assessment of Language Skills I  16.Assessment of Language Skills II  17.Teaching the Sounds of Language  18.Teaching the Words of English Language  19.Teaching the Sentence Patterns of English Language  20.Studying and Teaching the Meaning of Language  21.Understanding & Teaching the Language in Use  22.Language and Society  23.Teaching Discourse Analysis  24.Teaching World Englishes  25.Teaching of Vocabulary  26.Teaching of Grammar  27.Teaching of Pronunciation  28. Teaching of creative writing  29. Corpora and Language Teaching  30. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching I  31. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching II  32.Use of Literary Texts for Teaching English Language  33.Lesson Planning  34. 34.Classroom Issues and Management in ELT 35.Skills and Roles of English Language Teachers  36.Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)  37.Learner Motivation and Interest   38.Culture, Identity and ELT  39. Research Methodology & Trends in ELT 40. ELT in Pakistan: Issues and Challenges