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ENG505 : Language Learning Theories

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Dr. Summaira Sarfraz
AJ&K University, Pakistan (2013)

Course Contents

1.Introduction to the Course –I  2.Introduction to the Course – II  3.Introduction to Key Concepts in Language Learning  4.Behaviorism-I  5.Behaviorism-II  6.Generativism-I 7.Generativism-II 8.Cognitivism-I  9.Cognitivism-II  10.Constructivism-I  11.Constructivism-II  12.Constructivism-III  13.Krashen’s Input Hypothesis (Monitor Model)-I 14.Krashen’s Input Hypothesis (Monitor Model)-II  15.14.Krashen’s Input Hypothesis (Monitor Model)-III 16.Socio-Cultural Theory  17.Basic Language Cognition (BLC) Vs Higher Language Cognition (BLC)  18.Generative Vs Usage Based School  19.Communicative Competence  20.Models Of Communicative Competence  21.CUP, BICS & CALP  22.Second Language Learning Research & Language Education 23.Directions For Research in Language Learning  24.Automaticity, Restructuring and Noticing 25.Interaction Hypothesis, Processability Theory and  Towell & Hawkins Model of SLA 26.Comparing Six Theories-I  27.Comparing Six Theories-II  28.Learning Factors-I  29.Learning Factors-II  30.Language Learning Strategies-I  31.Language Learning Strategies-II  32.Individual Learning Differences-I  33.Individual Learning Differences-II  34.Individual Learning Differences-III  35.Language Learning Pedagogy  36. Interview with an Expert (Individual Differences and Language Learning Strategies in Pakistani Context) 37.Dynamics of Learning Styles 38.Social Contexts in SLA  39. Acquiring Knowledge for L2 Use  40.Research Trends in ESP Classroom