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ENG511 : Psycholinguistics

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Dr. Summaira Sarfraz
Azad Jammu and Kashmir University

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1.Introduction to psycholinguistics 2.The connection between Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics 3.Language comprehension 4.Dimensions of word knowledge 5.Organization of the Internal Lexicon 6.Lexical Access 7.Immediate Processing of Sentence 8.Comprehending Figurative Language 9.Memory for Sentences 10.Comprehension of Discourse 11.Memory for Discourse 12.Schemata and Discourse Processing 13.The Psychology of Learning 14.Production of Speech and Language 15.Formulating Linguistic Planning 16.Implementing Linguistic Plans 17.The Structure of Conversation 18.Conversational Participants 19.Early Language Acquisitions 20.Later Language Acquisitions 21.Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisitions 22.The Linguistic Environment 23.Cognitive Processes 24.Innate Mechanism 25.Brian Mechanism and Language 26.Lateralization of Language Processes 27.Evolution of Language 28.Language, Culture and Cognition 29.Theories on Culture and Language 30.Lexical Influences on Cognition 31.Grammatical Influences on Cognition 32.Neurolinguistics  and Disorders 33.First language Acquisition 34.Age and Acquisition 35.Children vs. Adults in Second-Language Learning 36.Language, Learning, and Teaching 37.Learning Style 38.Learning Strategies 39.Strategies-Based Instruction 40.Affective Factors in Second Language Acquisition 41.Motivation 42.Sociocultural Factors 43.New Directions 44.Psycholinguistics in Applied Linguistics: Trends and Perspectives 45.Teaching to Psycholinguistics