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ENG511 : Psycholinguistics

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course offers a foundational overview of language processing by the mind and brain. The primary aim of this course is to provide an introduction to the core and periphery areas of psycholinguistics alongside the modern and fresh theories by the eminent experts in the field. The course proceeds with pursuing two goals: the first goal is to expose the learners to the fundamental concepts and central debates within the area. The second goal is to let the learners be aware of the latest developments in the field.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • know how the mind and brain process the language.
  • understand the lexical storage and retrieval of language by the brain.
  • learn about language acquisition in normal and special circumstances.
  • understand the connection between human mind and language.
  • comprehend the phenomenon of second language acquisition and its implication.
  • learn the schemata of language in terms of Figurative and Sign languages.
  • formulate and implement the linguistic plan alongside conversational settings.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Psycholinguistics1Handouts
The Connection between Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics2Handouts
Language comprehension3Handouts
Dimensions of word knowledge4Handouts
Organization of the Internal Lexicon5Handouts
Lexical Access6Handouts
Immediate Processing of Sentence7Handouts
Comprehending Figurative Language8Handouts
Quiz I
Memory for Sentences9Handouts
Comprehension of Discourse10Handouts
Memory for Discourse11Handouts
Schemata and Discourse Processing12Handouts
The Psychology of Learning13Handouts
Production of Speech and Language14Handouts
Formulating Linguistic Planning15Handouts
Implementing Linguistic Plans16Handouts
The Structure of Conversation17Handouts
Conversational Participants18Handouts
Early Language Acquisitions19Handouts
Later Language Acquisitions20Handouts
Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisitions21Handouts
The Linguistic Environment22Handouts
Grand Quiz
Cognitive Processes23Handouts
Innate Mechanism24Handouts
Brian Mechanism and Language25Handouts
Lateralization of Language Processes26Handouts
Evolution of Language27Handouts
Language, Culture and Cognition28Handouts
Theories on Culture and Language29Handouts
Lexical Influences on Cognition30Handouts
Grammatical Influences on Cognition31Handouts
Neurolinguistics and Disorders32Handouts
First language Acquisition33Handouts
Age and Acquisition34Handouts
Children vs. Adults in Second-Language Learning35Handouts
Language, Learning, and Teaching36Handouts
Learning Style37Handouts
Learning Strategies38Handouts
Strategies-Based Instruction39Handouts
Affective Factors in Second Language Acquisition40Handouts
Quiz No.2
Sociocultural Factors42Handouts
New Directions43Handouts
Psycholinguistics in Applied Linguistics: Trends and Perspectives44Handouts
Teaching to Psycholinguistics45Handouts
Final Term Exam
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