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ENG515 : Teaching of Reading and Writing Skills

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Saqib Goraya
University of Huddersfield

Course Contents

1.Overview of the Course and Background 2.Teaching Reading in another Language 3.Teaching How to Recognize and Spell Words I  4. Teaching How to Recognize and Spell Words II 5. Teaching Intensive EFL/ESL Reading I 6. Teaching Intensive EFL/ESL Reading II 7. Teaching Intensive EFL/ESL Reading III  8. Teaching Extensive  Reading I 9. Teaching Extensive  Reading II 10.Issues in Extensive Reading  11. Teaching How to Read Faster  12.Enhancing Communicative Competence through Reading I  13.Enhancing Communicative Competence through Reading II 14.Developing Strategic L2 Readers I 15.Developing Strategic L2 Readers II 16.Developing Fluent Reading Skills I 17.Developing Fluent Reading Skills II 18.Teaching Reading: Individual and Social Perspective I 19.Teaching Reading: Individual and Social Perspective II 20.Research Informing  L2 Reading I 21.Research Informing  L2 Reading II 22.Assessing Reading I  23.Assessing Reading II 24.Teaching Writing I 25.Teaching Writing II 26.Teaching Writing in an L2 Classroom I 27.Teaching Writing in an L2 Classroom II 28.The Writing Process I 29.The Writing Process II 30.Issues of Cohesion and Coherence 31.Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Writing I 32.Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Writing II 33.Building The Writing Habit 34.Syllabus Design and Lesson Planning for L2 Writing 35.Planning a Writing Course I 36.Planning a Writing Course II 37.Teaching Students to Self-Edit 38.Theoretical and Practical Issues in ESL Writing 39. Responding to Written Work I 40.Responding to Written Work II 41.Responding to Written Work III 42.Teaching Academic L2 Writing I 43.Teaching Academic L2 Writing II 44.Teaching Reading and Writing in the Pakistani ELT Context  45.Integrating Receptive and Productive Skills