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ENG515 : Teaching of Reading and Writing Skills

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is about reading and writing skills. How to recognize and spell Words, intensive and extensive EFL/ESL reading. How to read faster and enhance communicative competence through writing. Teaching writing in an L2 Classroom and issues of cohesion and coherence. It also focuses on the nuts and bolts of Writing,syllabus design and lesson planning for L2 writing. Planning a writing course,teaching reading and writing in the Pakistani ELT context and integration of receptive and productive skills will be the synopsis of this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the course is to

  • sharpen students's reading and writing abilities.
  • distinguish the key concepts related with reading and writing skills.
  • have an understanding of teaching methods and practices prevalent in these skills.
  • analyze current research trends in reading and writing skills.
  • effectively plan reading and writing materials, with a solid rationale at the background in a variety of curricular and learning environments.

Course Calendar

Introduction to the Course? (Topics 1-4)1Handouts
Teaching Reading in another Language (Topics 5-10)2Handouts
Teaching How to Recognize and Spell Words I (Topics 11-15)3Handouts
Teaching How to Recognize and Spell Words II (Topics 16-22)4Handouts
Teaching Intensive EFL/ESL Reading I (Topics 23-27)5Handouts
Teaching Intensive EFL/ESL Reading II (Topics 28-33)6Handouts
Teaching Intensive EFL/ESL Reading III (Topics 34-39)7Handouts
Teaching Extensive Reading I (Topics 40-44)8Handouts
Teaching Extensive Reading II (Topics 45-49)9Handouts
Quiz No. 1
Issues in Extensive Reading (Topics 50-54)10Handouts
Teaching How to Read Faster (Topics 55-62)11Handouts
Enhancing Communicative Competence through Reading I (Topics 63-67)12Handouts
Enhancing Communicative Competence through Reading II (Topics 68-71)13Handouts
Developing Strategic L2 Readers I (Topics 72-76)14Handouts
Developing Strategic L2 Readers II (Topics 77-82)15Handouts
Developing Fluent Reading Skills I (Topics 83-90)16Handouts
Developing Fluent Reading Skills II (Topics 91-97)17Handouts
Teaching Reading: Individual and Social Perspective I (Topics 98-104)18Handouts
Teaching Reading: Individual and Social Perspective II (Topics 105-110)19Handouts
Research Informing L2 Reading I (Topics 111-116)20Handouts
Research Informing L2 Reading II (Topics 117-121)21Handouts
Assessing Reading I (Topics 122-126)22Handouts
Mid Term Exam
Assessing Reading II (Topics 127-131)23Handouts
Teaching Writing I (Topics 132-136)24Handouts
Teaching Writing II (Topics 137-140)25Handouts
Teaching Writing in an L2 Classroom I (Topics 141-145)26Handouts
Teaching Writing in an L2 Classroom II (Topics 146-150)27Handouts
The Writing Process I (Topics 151-155)28Handouts
The Writing Process II (Topics 156-159)29Handouts
Issues of Cohesion and Coherence (Topics 160-164)30Handouts
Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Writing I (Topics 165-169)31Handouts
Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Writing II (Topics 170-175)32Handouts
Building the Writing Habit (Topics 176-183)33Handouts
Syllabus Design and Lesson Planning for L2 Writing (Topics 184-189)34Handouts
Planning a Writing Course I (Topics 190-198)35Handouts
Planning a Writing Course II (Topics 199-206)36Handouts
Teaching Students to Self-Edit (Topics 207-211)37Handouts
Theoretical and Practical Issues in ESL Writing (Topics 212-218)38Handouts
Quiz No.2
Responding to Written Work I (Topics 219-226)39Handouts
Responding to Written Work II (Topics 227-234)40Handouts
Responding to Written Work III (Topics 235-240)41Handouts
Teaching Academic L2 Writing I (Topics 241-247)42Handouts
Teaching Academic L2 Writing II (Topics 248-253)43Handouts
Teaching Reading and Writing in the Pakistani ELT Context (Topics 254-258)44Handouts
Integrating Receptive and Productive Skills (Topics 259-266)45Handouts
Final Term Examination
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