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ENG516 : Teaching Business Communication

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Dr. Filza Waseem
National University of Modern Languages, Pakistan

Course Contents

1. Essentials of Business English and Business Communication 2.Essentials of Business English and Business Communication 3.Teaching Business Communication 4.Teaching Business Communication 5.Needs Analysis 6.Needs Analysis 7.Designing a Course 8. Designing a Course 9.Designing a Course 10.Selection and Developing Materials 11.Selection and Developing Materials 12.Selection and Developing Materials 13.Tutoring a Course 14.Tutoring a Course   15. Tutoring Course 16.Managing Activities in the Classroom 17. Language for Effective Communication 18.Business English and Language Skills 19. Teaching Business Speaking Skills 20.Teaching Business Speaking Skills 21.Teaching Business Speaking Skills 22.Teaching Business Writing Skills 23.Teaching Business Writing Skills 24.Teaching Business Writing Skills 25.Teaching Business Writing Skills 26.Teaching Business Writing Skills 27.Teaching Business Writing Skills 28.Teaching Business Writing Skills 29.Using the Internet to Teach Business English 30.Areas in Business Communication 31.Areas in Business Communication 32.Areas in Business Communication 33.Areas in Business Communication 34.Teaching Business Communication in Distance 35.Teaching Business Communication in Distance 36.Teaching Business Communication in Distance 37.How to Include Intercultural Training    38. How to Include Intercultural Training 39.How to Include Intercultural Training 40.How to Include Intercultural Training 41.How to Include Intercultural Training 42.Assessment in Business Communication 43.Assessment in Business Communication 44. Assessment in Business Communication 45.Current Trends