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ENG516 : Teaching Business Communication

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course will cover the back ground of the teaching of Business Communication, focusing on communication in English language, based on its position as the common means of communication in the globalized world of today. The importance of communication in the workplace, in the academic and professional fields alike makes it imperative for courses to include modules of Business Communication. Academic programs in the country, undergraduate as well as graduate, teach business communication with the aim to enable students to function well in the workplace and in academic writing. Business Communication proficiency is important in terms of successes and opportunities of students and professionals alike. Keeping in view the nature of the course, Teaching of Business Communication will focus on training teachers to design courses and to select appropriate materials which address the wants, needs and lacks of students of diverse fields. As such there will be an overlap with areas which generally come under ESP, as business communication when taught to a diverse body of students has to address the needs of the learners’ particular area, to communicate effectively in diverse roles like managers, sales persons, medical practitioners, etc. Students will be given a thorough understanding of the various language skills and tasks involved in teaching business communication. Spoken skills involved in meetings, presentations, negotiations are covered as are writing skills like reports, proposals, memos, resumes, letters, etc. As a rapidly changing area of teaching, Business Communication practitioners have to keep abreast of current trends and the course initiates students into modern means of communication through emails, and Internet. The course will teach how to communicate with a multicultural and multi audience and to use authentic materials, keeping in mind learners’ styles and preferences. Business Communication in Distance Teaching models is also covered. Assessment of Business Communication courses forms part of the course as well as current trends and future directions in professionalism and research.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Define the importance and background of Business Communication in English in the modern workplace
  • Impart the knowledge of important language skills and tasks in Business Communication
  • Appreciate the importance of having content knowledge about the professional and business contexts of teaching Business Communication
  • Gain understanding about communicating in electronic media
  • Appreciate the importance of teaching multicultural awareness
  • Understand the importance of knowing the lacks, wants and needs of diverse learners in designing courses and selecting materials to teach Business Communication
  • Understand the importance of using non/authentic teaching materials
  • Keep abreast of trends and future directions of the field

Course Calendar

Essentials of Business English and Business Communication-I (Topics 1-6)1Handouts08-13
Essentials of Business English and Business Communication-II (Topics 7-12)2Handouts14-18
Teaching Business Communication-I (Topics 13-18)3Handouts19-23
Teaching Business Communication-II (Topics 19-24)4Handouts24-29
Needs Analysis-I (Topics 25-30)5Handouts30-34
Needs Analysis-II (Topics 31-36)6Handouts35-39
Designing a Course-I (Topics 37-42)7Handouts40-44
Designing a Course-II (Topics 43-48)8Handouts45-49
Designing a Course-III (Topics 49-54)9Handouts50-53
Selecting and Developing Materials-I (Topics 55-60)10Handouts54-58
Selecting and Developing Materials-II (Topics 61-66)11Handouts59-62
Selecting and Developing Materials-III (Topics 67-72)12Handouts63-67
Tutoring a Course-I(Topics 73-78)13Handouts68-71
Tutoring a Course-II (Topics 79-84)14Handouts72-75
Tutoring a Course-III (Topics 85-90)15Handouts76-78
Managing Activities in the Classroom-I(Topics 91-96)16Handouts79-83
Language for Effective Communication-II (Topics 97-102)17Handouts84-87
Business English and Language Skills (Topics 103-108)18Handouts88-92
Teaching Business Speaking Skills-I (Topics 109-114)19Handouts93-96
Teaching Business Speaking Skills-II (Topics 115-120)20Handouts97-100
Teaching Business Speaking Skills-III(Topics 121-126)21Handouts101-105
Teaching Business Writing Skills_I (Topics 127-132)22Handouts106-110
Major Quiz
Teaching Business Writing Skills-II (Topics 133-138)23Handouts111-114
Teaching Business Writing Skills-III (Topics 139-144)24Handouts115-118
Teaching Business Writing Skills-IV (Topics 145-150)25Handouts119-122
Teaching Business Writing Skills-V (Topics 151-156)26Handouts123-125
Teaching Business Writing Skills-VI (Topics 157-162)27Handouts126-128
Teaching Business Writing Skills-VII (Topics 163-168)28Handouts129-132
Using the Internet to Teach Business English (Topics 169-174)29Handouts133-137
Areas in Business Communication-1(Topics 175-180)30Handouts138-142
Areas in Business Communication-1I(Topics 181-186)31Handouts143-147
Areas in Business Communication-1II(Topics 187-192)32Handouts148-152
Areas in Business Communication-1V (Topics 193-198)33Handouts153-157
Assignment 1
Teaching Business Communication in Distance-I (Topics 199-204)34Handouts158-161
Teaching Business Communication in Distance-II(Topics 205-210)35Handouts162-166
Teaching Business Communication in Distance-III(Topics 211-216)36Handouts167-171
How to Include Intercultural Training-I (Topic 217-222 )37Handouts172-175
How to Include Intercultural Training-II (Topics 223-228)38Handouts176-180
How to Include Intercultural Training-III(Topics 229-234)39Handouts181-184
How to Include Intercultural Training-IV (Topics 235-240)40Handouts186-188
How to Include Intercultural Training-V (Topics 241-246)41Handouts189-192
Assessment in Business Communication-I (Topics 247-252)42Handouts193-196
Assessment in Business Communication-II (Topics 253-258)43Handouts197-200
Assessment in Business Communication-Iii (Topics 259-264)44Handouts201-204
Current Trends (Topics 265-270)45Handouts205-211
Final Term Exam
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