EDU304 : Introduction to Guidance and Counseling

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Dr. Fatima Dar
PhD in Education
Asia e University, Malaysia

Course Contents

Introduction to Guidance and Counselling(Topics 1-6), Comparison and Purpose of Guidance and  Counselling (Topics 7-12), Significance of Guidance and Counselling (Topics 13-16), Significance and Areas of Guidance and Counselling(Topics 17-24), Principles of Guidance and Counselling(Topics 25-30), Empathetic Understanding (Topics 31-36), Types of Guidance and Counselling(Topics 37-42), Directive/Perspective Counselling-1 (Tropics-48), Theories of Guidance and Counselling Client-Centered(Rogerian)Theory-1(Topics 49-54), Existential Theory-1(Topics 55-60), Importance of Affective Education(Topics 61-66), Humanist Theory of Affective Education(Topics 67-71), Affective Cognitive Education(Topics 72-77), Hindrance in the Development of SEL(Topics 78-83), Importance of SEL Programmes(Topics 84-89), Integration of Character Education Along Side Standard Curriculum-1(Topics 90-95), Merits of Moral and Character Development(Topics 96-101), Sources of Acquiring Self-Efficacy-1(Topics 102-107), Self-Monitoring and Self-Assessment to Enhance Self-Efficacy(Topics 108-113), Social and Emotional Development(Topics 114-119), Strategies for Implementing SEL in the Curriculum-Flexibility for Lesson Planning(Topics 120-125), Effective Teacher-Attitude Towards Teaching(Topics 126-132), Essential Qualities of Teachers as Counsellors (1)(Topics 138-144), Teacher as a Counsellor(Topics 145-151), Counselling Services: The Counselling Service(10(Topics 152-156), Importance of Ethics in Counselling-1(Topics157-163), Ethics in Guidance and  Counselling-6(Topics 164-169), Organizing Guidance and Counselling in Schools-Procedures-1(Topics 170-175), Organizing Guidance and Counselling in School-Procedure-7(Topics 176-181)     , Counselling Competencies-Knowledge 1(Topics 182-189), Competencies-Professional and Ethical Attitude and Practice 1(Topics 190-197), Who Requires Counselling Services?(Topics 198-204), Problem Solving Therapy-Introduction(Topics 205-210), Problem Solving-Identifying Problems(Topics 211-216), Referral in Case of Severe Behavioural Problems- Introduction(Topics 217-222), Referral  for Severe Behavioural Problems-Effective Referral 1(Topics 223-228), School-Wide Guidance and Counselling(Topics 229-231), Challenges for Guidance and Counselling in School System-System Challenges(Topics 232-236), Challenges for Guidance and Counselling in School-Institutional Theory 2(Topics 237-242), Guidance and Counselling Programmes in a School Setting-Counselor as a Facilitator 1(Topics 243-247), Guidance and Counselling Programmes in a School Setting-counselor as a Coordinator 1(Topics 248-252), Collaboration and Communication with Stakeholder-Parenting(Topics 253-258), Implementing Guidance and Counselling in School Setting-Initial Phase 1(Topics 259-262), Implementing Guidance and Counselling in School Setting-Formulating Relevant Policies(Topics 263-270)