EDU410 : Teaching of Literacy Skills

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Ms. Khalida Sarwar

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Teaching of Literacy Skills, Levels of Language, Certain Terms, Stages of Language Development, Some Guidelines, What Should Literacy Do? Literacy Classroom, Teaching Alphabets, Activities with Alphabets, Alphabetic Principle, Lowercase Letters, Introducing Sounds, Some Terms, Consonant Sounds, Different Consonant Sounds, Points of  Articulation, Teaching Consonant Sounds, Consonant Sounds at Higher Levels, Vowel Sounds, Vowel Triangle, Long Vowels, Diphthongs, Trip thongs, Teaching Vowels, Teaching Vocabulary, Stages in Teaching Vocabulary, Idioms and Collactions, Teaching Spellings, Teaching Spellings, Teaching Grammar, Teaching Parts of Speech, Teaching Tenses, Teaching Tenses, About Grammar, More About Grammar, About Grammar, Listening, More About Listening, Speaking, More About Speaking, Reading More About Reading, Writing, Writing Process, Approaches and Methodologies