EDU654 : Addressing problems of learning through technology and pedagogy

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Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Iqbal
PhD (Electrical Engineering)
University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

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Introduction The benefits, uses and importance of the course in teaching and learning? How will we use and achieve benefits of pedagogy in teaching and learning? Application of Pedagogical tools and techniques to design pedagogical content Pedagogical Content Design in Kinematics Discovery Based Learning Problem Solving Through Visualization Recommendations about CS education in high school and college level in Pakistan How sets can be taught through Discovery Based Learning (DBL) How the human brain works, the biology of brain as studied by a neurobiologist The role of images and pictures in learning How to generate pedagogical content knowledge Teaching Probability Addressing intuitive problems while studying probability Teaching probability Effective lecturing The Relationship between Thinking and Learning Technology in Education Addressing problems of learning through technology Power of visualization Jigsaw Learning Importance of asking questions Importance of asking questions Pedagogical strategies and technology in classroom Commandments for teachers for an effective classroom Posing problems with a context Human Computer Interface Technology in Learning Innovation in education Application of technology in education Learning through games Pedagogy of Drama and Storytelling Pedagogy in education Problem-based education How schooling can be improved Technology in Education A Preview of Problems of Education in Pakistan Teaching the handicapped Discovery based Collaborative Learning The Community of Inquiry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz Pedagogy of Faiz Ahmed Faiz E-learning Characteristics of an Innovator Traditional Teaching vs. Online Learning Problems of Learning Through Pedagogy and Technology