EDU654 : Addressing problems of learning through technology and pedagogy

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

In this course different Information and Communication Technologies that can be used across the curriculum will be introduced. The prevalent problems of learning being experienced by students will be discussed in detail in this course. Using traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies you will be able to design appropriate pedagogy to address the problems of learning. You will also learn to design learning contexts that are cross-curricular and are related to real world needs and experiences of your students.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • • understand the different problems of learning;
  • • address the problems of learning through pedagogy and technology;
  • • use technology and pedagogy in the classroom to optimize student learning;
  • • apply the pedagogical strategies in classroom effectively.

Course Calendar

Introduction1Handout1 to 5
The benefits, uses and importance of the course in teaching and learning?2Handout6 to 7
How will we use and achieve benefits of pedagogy in teaching and learning?3Handout8 to 11
Application of Pedagogical tools and techniques to design pedagogical content4Handout12 to 14
Pedagogical Content Design in Kinematics5Handout15 to 18
Discovery Based Learning6Handout19 to 24
Problem Solving Through Visualization7Handout25 to 32
Recommendations about CS education in high school and college level in Pakistan8Handout33 to 36
How sets can be taught through Discovery Based Learning (DBL)9Handout37 to 42
How the human brain works, the biology of brain as studied by a neurobiologist10Handout43 to 45
The role of images and pictures in learning11Handout46 to 49
How to generate pedagogical content knowledge12Handout50 to 54
Teaching Probability13Handout55 to 58
Assignment No. I
Addressing intuitive problems while studying probability14Handout59 to 62
Teaching probability-215Handout63 to 66
Effective lecturing16Handout67 to 68
The Relationship between Thinking and Learning17Handout69 to 71
Technology in Education18Handout72 to 76
Addressing problems of learning through technology19Handout77
Quiz No. 1
Power of visualization20Handout78 to 81
Jigsaw Learning21Handout82 to 83
Importance of asking questions-122Handout84
Mid- Term Exam
Importance of asking questions-223Handout85 to 86
Pedagogical strategies and technology in classroom24Handout87 to 88
Commandments for teachers for an effective classroom25Handout89 to 90
Posing problems with a context26Handout91 to 93
Human Computer Interface27Handout94 to 97
Technology in Learning28Handout98 to 99
Assignment No. 2
Innovation in education29Handout100 to 101
Application of technology in education30Handout102 to 105
Learning through games31Handout106 to 108
Pedagogy of Drama and Storytelling32Handout109 to 110
Quiz no. II
Pedagogy in education33Handout111 to 112
Problem-based education34Handout113 to 114
How schooling can be improved35Handout115 to 116
Technology in Education-236Handout117 to 119
A Preview of Problems of Education in Pakistan37Handout120 to 122
Teaching the handicapped38Handout123 to 125
Discovery based Collaborative Learning39Handout126 to 127
The Community of Inquiry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz40Handout128 to 129
Pedagogy of Faiz Ahmed Faiz41Handout130 to 131
E-learning42Handout132 to 133
Characteristics of an Innovator43Handout134 to 135
Traditional Teaching vs. Online Learning44Handout136 to 137
Problems of Learning Through Pedagogy and Technology45Handout138 to 139
Final Term Exam
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