ETH202 : Ethics (for Non-Muslims)

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Shahid Mahmood Gul
M.A. Philosophy
Punjab University

Course Contents

Defining Ethics; and its relation to Philosophy, Morality as Compared with other Normative Subjects, Characteristics of Moral Principle,The Purposes of Morality,Cultural Relativism,Cultural Relativism as a theory of Morality,Judging a Cultural Practice to be Undesirable,Ethical Subjectivism,The First Stage: Emotivism,Emotivism, Reason and Moral Facts,The Presumed Connection between Morality and Religion,The Natural Law Theory,The Utilitarian Approach: a Revolution in Ethics,Mill’s Utilitarianism: a modified version,Implication of Utilitarianism,Is Happiness the Only Thing That Matter? Are Consequences All That Matters?,Defense of Utilitarianism,Kant and the Categorical Imperative,Absolute Rules and the Duty Not to Lie,Kant and the Respect for Person,Retribution and Utility in the Theory of Punishment,The Ethics of Virtue and the Ethics of Right Action,Some Advantages of Virtue Ethics,Business Ethics,The Nature of Business Ethics,The Ethics of Advertising and Green Issues in Business,Environmental Ethics,Arguments for and against the Use and Exploitation of the Natural Environment,Bioethics---Ethical Issues in Medicine,Confidentiality, Guilt and Innocence in Treating Patients, Euthanasia, Ethics and Behavior Control, Genetics