ETH202 : Ethics (for Non-Muslims)

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course covers the definition and scope of ethics, its relation to Philosophy and religion, comparison with other normative subjects. This course focuses on different theories and approaches such as Cultural Relativism, Ethical Subjectivism, Emotivism, Utilitarianism and its implication, Retribution and Utility in the Theory of Punishment, The Natural Law Theory (NLT) and The Divine Command Theory (DCT). It also elaborates Kantian Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics and Bioethics.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Analyze the key terms in ethical debates.
  • Understands universal ethical principles and significant theories.
  • Present rational justification of those theories.
  • Examine critically these approaches.
  • Students will be able to present a reasoned argument on a certain topic in ethics.
  • Identify ethical concerns relevant to business and environmental ethics. Explores ethical in marketing, race/gender bias, economics, the natural environment, employee-employer duties, and civic relations.

Course Calendar

Defining Ethics; and its relation to Philosophy1Handout1-2
Morality as Compared with other Normative Subjects2Handout3-5
Characteristics of Moral Principle3Handout6-8
The Purposes of Morality4Handout9-10
Cultural Relativism5Handout11-14
Cultural Relativism as a theory of Morality6Handout15-17
Quiz No. 01
Judging a Cultural Practice to be Undesirable7Handout18-19
Ethical Subjectivism8Handout20-22
GDB No. 01
The First Stage: Emotivism9Handout23-25
Emotivism, Reason and Moral Facts10Handout26-28
Assignment No. 01
The Presumed Connection between Morality and Religion11Handout29-31
The Natural Law Theory12Handout32-34
The Utilitarian Approach: a Revolution in Ethics13Handout35-37
Mill’s Utilitarianism: a modified version14Handout38-40
Implication of Utilitarianism15Handout41-43
Mid Term
Is Happiness the Only Thing That Matter? Are Consequences All That Matters?16Handout44-46
Quiz No. 02
Defense of Utilitarianism17Handout47-49
Quiz No. 03
Kant and the Categorical Imperative18Handout50-51
GDB No. 02
Absolute Rules and the Duty Not to Lie19Handout52-54
Kant and the Respect for Person20Handout55-57
Retribution and Utility in the Theory of Punishment21Handout58-60
Assignment No. 02
The Ethics of Virtue and the Ethics of Right Action22Handout61-63
Some Advantages of Virtue Ethics23Handout64-67
Business Ethics24Handout68-70
The Nature of Business Ethics25Handout71-73
The Ethics of Advertising and Green Issues in Business26Handout74-78
Quiz No. 04
Environmental Ethics27Handout79-81
Arguments for and against the Use and Exploitation of the Natural Environment28Handout82-83
Bioethics---Ethical Issues in Medicine29Handout84-88
Confidentiality, Guilt and Innocence in Treating Patients, Euthanasia, Ethics and Behavior Control, Genetics30Handout89-93
Final Term
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