GSC101 : General Science

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Dr. Sufian Aslam- Dr. Dildar Ahmed Alvi- Dr. Saba Butt
Moscow State University (Russia)- University of Karachi- University of the Punjab

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Introduction to G. Science & System of Measurement ,Kinematics ,Kinematic Equations ,Newton’s laws of motion ,Linear momentum & Tension in a string ,Work, Energy & Power, Heat ,Light ,Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry ,Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonds, Chemical Reactions, Mixture and Solution, Acids, Bases and Salts, Metals and Nonmetals, Metallurgy of Copper & Aluminum, Iron and its Metallurgy, Corrosion and its preventions, Hydrogen and Oxygen, Nitrogen, Halogens and Chlorine gas, Organic Chemistry, Levels of Organization in Life, Cell theory & Cellular components, Diversity of Cells & Mitosis, Cell division-Meiosis, Chromosomes, DNA & Genes, Digestive System, Transport System and Blood - The Circulatory Fluid, Circulatory System in Humans - Blood Vessels & Heart, Respiratory System, Ecology & Ecosystem , Food Chains & Food Webs, Algae & Fungi, Animals & Their Importance, and Applications of Biology.