GSC201 : Teaching of General Science

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Dr Rafia Ali
Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Mathematics and Science Education, 2002

Course Contents

Introduction to Science Nature of Scientific Practice Process Skills Pedagogical Content Knowledge Approaches to Teaching Science Properties of Objects Common properties of materials Exploring the Property of "Weight" Types of Solids Exploring solids, liquids, gasses Exploring Liquids Assessment Observing jelly crystal and sharing children prior ideas Observing and recording different stages of jelly Observing jelly-- final stage conducting a fair test template Concept of Dissolving Summative Assessment Review of Pedagogical Content Knowledge Research Project Case study of Bicycle Developing a tool kit for measuring the temperature Types of Graphs Developing a tool kit for measuring the time intervals Observing changes of state by heating ice I Investigating the changes of state Investigating changes of state by heating ice II Changes of state "Background Information" Exploring Evaporation and Conducting Fair Test Concept of Evaporation Presentations of children on Evaporation Research Project Guidelines Concepts and Skills to be assessed Structure of matter strand for Grade 6 to 8 Assessing Children Prior Knowledge Developing Communication and Literacy Skills of the Students Developing a background learning of "Measuring the Length" Developing a background learning to measure the "Mass" Developing a background learning to measure "Density" Density measurement activities Measuring the Density of Irregular Objects Density of Liquids Building the Density Column Assessment of the Activities of Mass, Volume and Density Review of the Course of Teaching of General Science