GSC201 : Teaching of General Science

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Science has become an essential and integral part of our life. Without the knowledge of basic principles , concepts , theories and laws of science one cannot understand and explain a number of daily-life processes and many phenomena which one observes and experience in one’s life . Hence a basic knowledge about the fundamentals of science has become a necessity of everyone. Keeping this in view, science has been given the status of a compulsory subject in any education system in the form of “General Science”. It is due to this large scale demand of science teaching that we need a large number of science teachers. These science teachers must be equipped with an in-depth knowledge with full understanding and well-developed skills to communicate (teach) the concepts, principles, theories and laws of science. They must have competence and command over the content of science as well as over the latest available methods, techniques and approaches towards science teaching. They must keep in mind the objectives of science teaching and its need and importance in the advancement and progress of the society and civilization. This course “Teaching of General Science” has been designed to meet all of these requirements.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the concepts of science in daily life
  • Develop scientific thinking and scientific attitude towards their experiential world
  • Plan, organize and teach a lesson on a given topic of science in the light of theory and research in science education
  • Understand recent trends and issues in methods and techniques of teaching science
  • Comprehend and teach theories, Laws and principles of science effectively
  • Develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world
  • Acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts

Course Calendar

Introduction to Science1Handouts
Nature of Scientific Practice2Handouts
Process Skills3Handouts
Pedagogical Content Knowledge4Handouts
Approaches to Teaching Science5Handouts
Properties of Objects6Handouts
Common properties of materials7Handouts
Exploring the Property of "Weight"8Handouts
Types of Solids9Handouts
Quiz No. I
Exploring solids, liquids, gasses10Handouts
Exploing Liquids11Handouts
Assignment No. 1
Observing jelly crystal and sharing children prior ideas13Handouts
Observing and recording different stages of jelly14Handouts
Observing jelly-- final stage15Handouts
Conducting a fair test templete16Handouts
Concept of Dissolving17Handouts
Summative Assessment18Handouts
Quiz No. II
Review of Pedagogical Content Knowledge19Handouts
Research Project20Handouts
Case study of Bicycle21Handouts
Developing a tool kit for measuring the temperature22Handouts
Mid- Term Exam
Types of Graphs23Handouts
Developing a tool kit for measuring the time intervals24Handouts
Observing changes of state by heating ice I25Handouts
Investigating the changes of state26Handouts
Investigating changes of state by heating ice II27Handouts
Changes of state "Background Information"28Handouts
Assignment No. 2
Exploring Evaporation and Conducting Fair Test29Handouts
Concept of Evaporation30Handouts
Presentations of children on Evaporation31Handouts
Research Project Guidlines32Handouts
Quiz no. III
Concepts and Skills to be assessed33Handouts
Structure of matter strand for Grade 6 to 834Handouts
Assessingt Children Prior Knowledge35Handouts
Developing Communication and Literacy Skills of the Students36Handouts
Developing a background learning of "Measuring the Length"37Handouts
Developing a background learning to measure the "Mass"38Handouts
Developing a background learning to measure "Density"39Handouts
Density measurement activities40Handouts
Measuring the Density of Irregular Objects41Handouts
Density of Liquids42Handouts
Quiz No. IV
Building the Density Column43Handouts
Assessment of the Activities of Mass, Volume and Density44Handouts
Review of the Course of Teaching of General Science45Handouts
Final Term Exam
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