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MGT611 : Business & Labor Law

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MGT211, MGT501, MGT502


Mr Khalil Ahmad Rao
University of the Punjab

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Scope of Law and Legal System of Pakistan, Law of Contract (Contract Act, 1872): Essentials of a valid contract, Kinds of contract, Void agreements, Performance of a contract, Discharge of a contract, Breach of a contract and remedies for breach, Contract of Agency, Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee, Contract of Bailment and Pledge , Law of Partnership (Partnership Act, 1932), Law relating to companies (Companies ordinance 1984 & SECP Act 1997), Law of negotiable instruments (Negotiable Instruments Act 1881), Law relating to transfer of property (property act 1932), Law relating to sales of goods (Sales of goods act 1932), Carriage of goods by different modes, Law of trust (Trust Act 1882), Law of insurance (Insurance Ordinance 2000), Labor laws (Industrial Relations Act 2008)