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HRM613 : Performance Management

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Dr. Muhammad Hafeez
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Course Contents

Lesson No:1 Course Overview
Lesson No:2 Introduction to Performance Management
Lesson No:3 Impact of Performance Management System
Lesson No:4 Reward systems
Lesson No:5 Ideal PMS 
Lesson No:6 Integration of PMS with HRM
Lesson No:7 PM process; Prerequisites & Performance Planning
Lesson No:8 PM process; Performance Execution
Lesson No:9 PM process; Performance Review, Renewal and Re-contract
Lesson No:10 Strategic Planning, Purposes of strategic planning
Lesson No:11 Strategic Planning, Environmental Analysis
Lesson No:12 Importance of PMS
Lesson No:13 Performance Standards
Lesson No:14 Performance and its determinants
Lesson No:15 Performance dimensions and measurement
Lesson No:16 Diagnosing the causes of poor performance
Lesson No:17 Measuring performance against standards
Lesson No:18 Measuring performance against standards; continued…
Lesson No:19 Measuring behaviors
Lesson No:20 Measuring behaviors; continued…
Lesson No:21 Measuring behaviors; rating scales
Lesson No:22 Appraisal forms
Lesson No:23 Evaluation of Appraisal Forms
Lesson No:24 Performance Information Sources
Lesson No:25 Rating issues
Lesson No:26 Communication Plan for PMS
Lesson No:27 Appeal Process in PMS
Lesson No:28 Rater Training Programs
Lesson No:29 Pilot Testing of PMS
Lesson No:30 Personal Development Plans
Lesson No:31 360 Degree Feedback System
Lesson No:32 360 Degree Feedback System; continued
Lesson No:33 Coaching Styles and Processes
Lesson No:34 Coaching Styles and Processes; continued
Lesson No:35 Dynamics and Purposes of Feedback
Lesson No:36 Performance Review Meeting
Lesson No:37 Pay Plans 
Lesson No:38 Pay Structures
Lesson No:39 Laws Affecting Performance Management
Lesson No:40 Team Performance
Lesson No:41 Evaluating Team Performance
Lesson No:42 Rewarding Team Performance
Lesson No:43 Performance Management Software
Lesson No:44 Performance Management System; a quick overview
Lesson No:45 Performance Management System; a quick overview; continued…