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HRM624 : Conflict Management

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MGMT611, MGMT625, MGT501, MGT502, MGT503


Dr. Muhammad Hafeez
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Course Contents

  • Introduction to conflict, describing the conflict and preconceptions about conflict, 
  • Conflict diagnosis and dispute resolution,
  • Recurrent themes in conflict diagnosis,
  • Sources and causes of conflict,
  • Interest analysis,
  • Assessing the character of the conflict, 
  • Trust and its significance,
  • Assessing impediments to resolve the conflict,
  • Assessing the negotiating style 
  • Assessing power among disputants, 
  • Power, conflict and BATNA, 
  • Stereotypes, diversity and conflict, 
  • Mediation, advantages and disadvantages of mediation, process of mediation, law and ethics of mediation, 
  • Arbitration, Non binding evaluation, Mixed and multi modal dispute resolution, 
  • Power tools and magic keys, 
  • Panchayat, Local government system, and ADR.