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HRM626 : Recruitment and selection

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Dr Aman Ullah
PhD in HRM
Deakin Business School

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Introduction to Recruitment, Introduction to Strategic Recruitment, Recruitment Policies and subsequent activities, contextualization of recruitment and selection practice, Recruitment Methods, Traditional Recruitment Sources, Innovative Recruitment sources Key Recruitment Methods – advertisement, Key Recruitment Methods – Employment agencies, referrals, university recruiting, Electronic Recruitment, Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and Recruitment Process, Introduction of Selection, Selection procedures, Competency-based Application Forms, Pre-employment testing, categorization of pre-employment tests, Employment Interviews, Interview preparation, Interviewing approaches and Competency-based Interviewing, psychometrics testing and other Interviewing techniques, Interviewing techniques and competency-based questions in interviewing, Practice of competency-based interviewing, Interviewing techniques and A real case scenario of selection, Interviewing people with disability and other interview components, Interviewing components