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HRM626 : Recruitment and selection

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course deals with the staffing function of human resource management in detail. It provides a detailed description about the process of recruitment and selection. It intends to explain the contextual factors that affect the staffing process of an organization. This course helps students to evaluate themes impacting recruitment and selection practices. It elaborates multiple methods and techniques of recruitment and selection that lead an organization towards finding a perfect fit for a job. Finally it helps students to make rational decisions pertaining to hiring a right person at a right place.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Comprehend the rationale of strategic recruitment for organization
  • Recognize the techniques for the use of pre-employment testing
  • Understand the use of employment agencies as a recruitment methods
  • Apply different steps of selection process in real life scenario
  • Evaluate the appropriate techniques of selection i.e. test or interview
  • Understand the need for validation of employee selection procedures
  • Plan, write and ask basic questions in test and interview
  • Appreciate the factors that may contribute in successful selection interviewing
  • Understand the objectives of orienting new employees

Course Calendar

Six Steps of Recruitment and Selection Process11 to 3Video
Human Resource Planning24 to 6Video
Forecasts in HR Planning37 to 10Video
Recruitment Process411 to 14Video
Recruitment Process515 to 19Video
Recruitment and Selection620 to 24Video
Strategic Recruitment725 to 30Video
Context for R & S831 to 36Video
Quiz No. 1
Predictions for the future of R&S937 to 40Video
Recruitment Sources1041 to 47Video
Internal Recruitment Methods1148 to 54Video
Quiz No. 2
Advertising1255 to 61Video
Employment Agencies1362 to 69Video
Electronic Recruitment1470 to 76Video
Electronic Recruitment1577 to 84Video
Strategic Selection1685 to 92Video
Mid-term Exam
The Application Form1793 to 100Video
Bio Data and Application Forms18101 to106Video
Test Validation19107 to 117Video
Employment Interview20118 to 125Video
Components of Interview21126 to 135Video
Quiz No. 3
Stress Interview22136 to 144Video
Interview Preparation23145 to 152Video
Interview Preparation 924153 to 162Video
Assignment No. 1
Planning Basic Questions 425163 to 171Video
Competency-based Questions 326172 to 190Video
Interview Components 527191 to 199Video
Interview Components 1428200 to 209Video
Quiz No. 4
Interview Components 2329210 to 226Video
Selecting a Vendor30227 to 237Video
Employee Orientation31238 to 250Video
Employee Orientation 1432251 to 262Video
Final-term Exam
*Tentative plan.
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