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MGMT611 : Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611)

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MGT501, MGT503, SOC101


Dr. Muhammad Hafeez
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

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Dear students,

On behalf of Human Relations (MGMT611), your course in charge welcome you in this new semester. During this semester we will try to build and nurture effective human relation skills in your personality. In order to perform this, we will start with the basic introduction of human relations and its importance in our day to day lives. People learn different values, different ways of doing things when they interact with people from other cultures, so it has a strong impact on our personality and this area is especially focused in this course. As there is a deep relationship between personality and stress we will guide you the techniques to deal with stressful situations in your family as well as in professional life. 

Perception and individual behavior also influence our relations; right attitude can bring us even closer to establish healthy relations with people. Other important ingredients like personal motivation and its relationship with achievement, application of effective problem-solving techniques, and bringing creativity in problem-solving are also described with enough details so that students can have sufficient understanding of these concepts. If we look around in our daily life we not only have to deal with our personal issues all the day but also have to deal with many conflicting situations, and in order to perform all this effectively communicate with others is necessary. Communication is of esteem importance in an organizational context where we have to face people with having their own unique personalities and communication styles so in-depth understanding of different communication styles is also taught in this course. These techniques can be learned in a much better way when an individual is fully aware of his/her own personality, its strengths and weaknesses, self-esteem, a better understanding of cross-cultural differences, and leadership skills. Prime needs of our students are specially kept into consideration while designing this course, as ultimate objectives of nearly every student are to start and develop a reasonable career after completion of their degree. So keeping this in mind we specially designed chapters that will guide the students that what are the techniques that need to be adopted in their job hunting, building an effective resume, and career management etc. 

This subject is equally important to our personal life as well as professional life the main reason is that Keeping in mind the needs of existing job holders we tried to guide and nurture them to tackle with internal as well as external environments in their organizations, how they can build healthy relations with its peers, subordinates, managers, customers etc and this subject of human relations will also help them in managing their personal finances in their life. In the end section of this course very simple techniques of achieving happiness, the importance of achieving personal ethical milestones, helping others to grow, apathy and its remedies are described in an easy and understandable way. We hope that you will learn a lot of things in this course which will help you a lot in your life. 

Have a happy learning experience.