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MGMT614 : Supply Chain Management

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Mr. Maarif Sohail

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Dear students,

In this course Supply Chain Management we will be covering the fundamentals of supply chain as it is an essential and indispensable area of management that business executives are bound to learn and practice. We will try to help our students to understand, appreciate and, consequently, develop purchasing, logistics and supply chain strategies that contribute positively to overall business objectives of their organizations. This course will introduce concepts and techniques which will enable the student to comprehend and make good use of, in his or her practical job engagements and assignments as purchasing, supply chain management, sourcing management, sourcing management and other similar titles like logistics or transportation managers. These will be the important topics that we will be covering throughout the course of this semester.        

·         What is Supply Chain Management

·         Purchasing

·         Supply Chain Policy

·         Supplier Relationship Management

·         Logistics

·         Contract Management

·         Reverse Supply Chain

·         Lean & Agile Supply Chain Management

·         Supply Chain Process

·         Strategic Supply Chain

·         Supply Chain Concepts & Key Financial Measures

·         Drivers of Supply Chain Performance

·         Distribution Network

·         Supply Chain Network

·         Uncertainty in Supply Chain

·         Forecasting in Supply Chain

·         Aggregate Planning

·         Manage Demand & Supply

·         Supply Chain Coordination

·         Cycle Inventory & Lot Size

·         Safety Inventory

·         Product Availability & Service Level

·         Transportation Networks

·         Sourcing in Supply Chain Management

·         Pricing & Revenue Management

·         Information Technology for Supply Chain Management

·         Sustainability & Future Supply Chain

  After successfully completing all the above contents of this course, our students would be in a position to replicate (adopt) successful and avoid the failed supply chain strategies experienced by business enterprises, around the globe. Last but not the least students will investigate theoretical and practical Supply Chain approaches that organizations have adopted or are planning to adopt with a point of view to enhance their business performance in the future.