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MGMT614 : Supply Chain Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Supply Chain Management is an essential and indispensable area of management that business executives are bound to learn and practice. The objective in this course is specifically to help the students understand, appreciate and even develop purchasing, logistics and supply chain strategies that contribute to overall business objectives of their organizations. This should ideally meet the routine and non routine situations, with practical, rigorous and thorough approach. This course will introduce concepts and techniques which will enable the student to comprehend and make good use of, in his practical job engagements and assignments as purchasing, supply chain management, sourcing management, sourcing management and other similar titles like logistics or transportation managers. Having this understanding of Sourcing and Supply Chain Management is critical for today’s business leaders.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students would be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the critical decision making process of any organization or government department.
  • Get familiarized with various production processes and service systems affected by Purchasing and SCM.
  • Develop an ability to identify what makes a specific issue important to contracting and procurement. Carry out research and analyze recognized or promising subject in the field of contracting and procurement. Expand on the new issues related to strategic policy in contracting and procurement.
  • Develop Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor approaches about Supply Chain Management with respect to building of a strategic framework, designing of the supply chain, planning demand and supply in the Supply Chain, Planning and Managing Inventories in the Supply Chain, Managing Cross functional drivers in a supply chain and applying all the same to the Pakistani Corporate and Government Departmental Environment
  • And last but not the least investigate theoretical and practical approaches that organizations have adopted to enhance their business performance.

Course Calendar

Introduction of the CourseLesson-01
What is Supply Chain ManagementLesson-02
Supply Chain PolicyLesson-04
Supplier Relationship ManagementLesson-05
Contract ManagementLesson-07
Reverse Supply ChainLesson-08
Lean & Agile Supply Chain ManagementLesson-09
Quiz No. 01
Supply Chain Process (I)Lesson-10
Supply Chain Process (II)Lesson-11
Strategic Supply Chain (I)Lesson-12
Strategic Supply Chain (II)Lesson-13
Supply Chain Concepts & Key Financial MeasuresLesson-14
Graded Discussion Board No. 01
Drivers of Supply Chain PerformanceLesson-15
Distribution Network (I)Lesson-16
Distribution Network (II)Lesson-17
Supply Chain Network (I)Lesson-18
Supply Chain Network (II)Lesson-19
Quiz No. 02
Supply Chain Network (III)Lesson-20
Supply Chain Network (IV)Lesson-21
Uncertainty in Supply Chain (I)Lesson-22
Mid Term Exams
Uncertainty in Supply Chain (II)Lesson-23
Forecasting in Supply Chain (I)Lesson-24
Forecasting in Supply Chain (II)Lesson-25
Aggregate Planning (I)Lesson-26
Aggregate Planning (II)Lesson-27
Manage Demand & Supply (I)Lesson-28
Quiz No. 03
Manage Demand & Supply (II)Lesson-29
Supply Chain Coordination (I)Lesson-30
Supply Chain Coordination (II)Lesson-31
Cycle Inventory & Lot Size (I)Lesson-32
Cycle Inventory & Lot Size (II)Lesson-33
Safety Inventory (I)Lesson-34
Safety Inventory (II)Lesson-35
Assignment No. 01
Product Availability & Service Level (I)Lesson-36
Product Availability & Service Level (II)Lesson-37
Transportation Networks (I)Lesson-38
Transportation Networks (II)Lesson-39
Sourcing in Supply Chain Management (I)Lesson-40
Quiz No. 04
Sourcing in Supply Chain Management (II)Lesson-41
Pricing & Revenue Management (I)Lesson-42
Pricing & Revenue Management (II)Lesson-43
Information Technology for Supply Chain ManagementLesson-44
Sustainability & Future Supply ChainLesson-45
Final Term Exams
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