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MGMT622 : Management Skills

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Dr. Rasheed Kausar
Michigan State University USA

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Introduction of Management Skills, Basics of Management, The concept of Soft skills, Interpersonal skills, Management and Leadership skills, Personal skills, Making Formal Oral and Written Presentations, Impact of Culture on Communication skills, Concept of Self-awareness, Concept of Self-awareness; Personal Values, Concept of Self-awareness; Learning styles, Concept of Self-awareness; Personality, Concept of Self-awareness; Personality Tests, Political Skills, Attitude towards change, Social Intelligence, Self-assessment techniques, Stress Management, Reducing & Managing Stress, Solving problems Analytically & Creatively, Problem Solving Techniques/Tools, Four Types of Creativity, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Effective Presentation, Oral Presentation, Political Skills; self-assessment test,Power, Performance Problems, Managing Inter-personal Conflicts, Conflict Management, Empowerment and Delegation, Building Effective Teams and Team Work, Group Thinking,Leading Positive Change.