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MGMT622 : Management Skills

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

“Management Skills” is designed for the business students who want to equip themselves with outstanding management and leadership skills. Managing the organizations and processes has changed over time. Nowadays, we have more diverse workforce, better technology and more competition in marketplace. In this dynamic era, only managing the processes and organization is not enough rather managers need to lead the organizations by motivating the teams, leading the change and setting benchmarks. This course is aimed to impart effective leadership, communication, interpersonal, self-management and negotiation skills among students.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students should be able:

  • To improve management skills and create balance between conceptual learning and behavioral practice.
  • To gain value in personal and professional life by practicing the skills
  • To effectively manage themself by analyzing skills they possess, lack and how to overcome the gaps
  • To lead the change at workplace and society

Course Calendar

Basics of management2.Handout2
The concept of Soft skills3.Handout4
Interpersonal skills4.Handout5
Management and leadership skills5.Handout7
Personal skills6.Handout10
Making Formal Oral and Written Presentations7.Handout13
Impact of culture on communication skills8.Handout15
Concept of self-awareness9.Handout17
Quiz No. 1
Concept of self-awareness (continued)10.Handout18
Concept of self-awareness (continued)11.Handout21
Concept of self-awareness; Personal Values12.Handout23
Concept of self-awareness; Personal Values (continued)13.Handout26
Assignment No. 1
Concept of self-awareness; Learning styles14.Handout29
Concept of self-awareness; Personality15.Handout31
Concept of self-awareness; Personality tests16.Handout34
Political skills17.Handout35
Attitude towards change18.Handout39
Social intelligence19.Handout41
Quiz No. 2
Self-assessment techniques20.Handout43
Stress management21.Handout45
Stress management (continued)22.Handout47
Reducing & Managing Stress23.Handout49
Reducing & Managing Stress (continued)24.Handout52
Mid Term Examination
Solving problems Analytically & Creatively25.Handout54
Problem Solving Techniques/Tools26.Handout58
Creative Thinking27.Handout62
Interpersonal Communication Skills28.Handout65
Interpersonal Communication Skills (continued)29.Handout69
Effective Presentation30.Handout71
Oral Presentation31.Handout75
Political Skills; self-assessment test32.Handout77
Quiz No. 3
Power (continued)34.Handout84
Performance Problems35.Handout87
GDB No. 1
Managing Inter-personal Conflicts36.Handout90
Managing Inter-personal Conflicts (continued)37.Handout93
Conflict Management38.Handout96
Empowerment and Delegation39.Handout99
Empowerment and Delegation (continued)40.Handout102
Empowerment and delegation (continued).41.Handout105
Quiz No. 4
Building Effective Teams and Team Work42.Handout109
Group Thinking43.Handout113
Leading Positive Change44.Handout120
Leading Positive Change (continued)45.Handout126
Final Term Exams
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