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MGMT623 : Leadership & Team Management - MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623)

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HRM624, MGMT611, MGT501, MGT502, MGT503


Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed
University of California, Riverside

Course Contents

Concept of Organization, Organization as a system, Concept of leadership, Trait Theories, Behavioral Theories, Situational Theory, Contingency Theories, Charismatic Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Personality, Becoming a leader, Power, Empowerment, Communication, Organizational communication, Group Dynamics, Understanding Work Team, Building Teams, Team Based organization, Decision Making, Group Decision Making, Effective Team Communication, Conflict and Negotiation, Learning Organizations, Reward system, Managing Virtual Teams, Effective Team Meetings, Strategic Leadership, Change Management, Ethics in Leadership, Looking at Future: What next, Teamwork: Learning from the nature.