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MGMT623 : Leadership & Team Management - MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623)

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Building confidence and motivation within a team requires knowledge. This course will teach you when to apply the specific styles of leadership according to the situation: when the level of staff skills improve; or when it is necessary to raise the self confidence of your team members; or even when to effectively apply your coaching strategies. But most of all, this course will build your confidence, skills, understanding and motivation as a leader. This course will also be helpful for you to understand different leadership theories. You will also learn how you can make decision in a team.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of Leadership and its important components:-Leader, Followers, and Situation
  • Discuss the important traits of good leaders and how to learn these traits.
  • Describe team dynamics and also learn techniques of team development.
  • Develop your leadership and team-building skills.
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in terms of important leadership and team-building skills such as promoting effective decision making in groups, motivating others, and integrating work and personal life.
  • Apply the skills of group development and teamwork.

Course Calendar

Introduction, Organization the Stage for Leadership1Handouts1-4
Focusing on People: the Key to Success2Handouts5-6
Managers vs. Leaders5Handouts12-15
QUIZ # 1
Leadership Process7,8Handouts19-24
Leadership Theories/ Approaches9Handouts25-28
Contingency Theories of Leadership10Handouts29-32
Transactional, Charismatic and Transformational Leadership11Handouts33-35
The Leader as an Individual12Handouts36-38
Big Five Model, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)14Handouts44-47
Situational Factors15Handouts48-50
Becoming a Leader! What Does it Mean & How Do You Get It?16,17Handouts51-57
Understanding Power18Handouts58-62
Leadership Power & Influence19Handouts63-67
Leadership and Empowerment20Handouts68-71
Motivation at Work, Motivation and Leadership22Handouts80-82
Grand Quiz
Group & Team Concept25Handouts105-111
Team Dynamics26Handouts112-115
Assignment # 01
Building the Team27Handouts116-118
A Team-Based Organization28Handouts119-121
Decision Making29Handouts122-125
Team Decision Making30Handouts126-130
Effective Team Communication31Handouts131-133
Conflict in Team32Handouts134-140
Training/Learning of Team33Handouts141-145
Learning Organization34Handouts146-149
Rewarding & Recognizing Teamwork35Handouts150-152
Managing/Leading Virtual Teams36Handouts153-156
Effective Team Meetings37Handouts157-160
Leading Team38Handouts161-164
QUIZ # 2
Strategic Leadership40Handouts182-185
Leading Change41Handouts186-192
Creative Leadership42Handouts193-197
Ethics in Leadership43Handouts198-205
Looking at the Future: What Comes Next44Handouts206-209
Teamwork: Learning From Nature45Handouts210-213
Final-Term Exams
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