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MGT211 : Introduction To Business

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Dr. Nadeem Bhatti
PHD Management
University of New England, NSW, Australia

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Welcome to the course "Introduction to Business". In this course you will learn lots of innovative and managerial business concepts. Your in-depth understanding lectures start with an introduction to business, types of business such as sole proprietorship, partnership and joint stock company as the base. The concept of cooperative society, entrepreneurship and franchising has added for an advanced learning of business activities. Why businesses fail or succeed, foreign trade and barriers of foreign trade are also the part of this course. For further learning the strategic application of the different theories in business activities and human resource planning enriches your understanding about this course. From a marketing perspective, it covers the concepts of STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning), marketing environment, marketing mix, marketing research, pricing, personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, wholesaling and consumer behavior. It also includes product life cycle, benchmarking, different concepts of accounting and financial management and total quality management. The role of communication is very important in human''s life thus in this course the components of communications, designing persuasive communication and message strategies have added for enriched understanding of the subject. I am sure after studying this course you will be able to apply all learned skills in your professional life.

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