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MGT501 : Human Resource Management

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MGT503, PSY101


Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed
University of California

Course Contents

Introduction to HRM, Essentials of Management, Organization and components of Organization, People and Their Behavior, Individual Vs. Group Behavior, Personnel management to human resource management . Human Resource Management in changing environment, work place diversity. Functions and Environment of HRM. Line and Staff Aspects of HRM, Legal Context of HR, Human Resource Planning (HRP). Strategic planning and HRIS, Job Analysis, Sources of Recruitment, Selection, Selection Tests, Selection Process, Socialization, Training and Development, Maximizing Learning, Career Management, Performance, Performance Appraisal, Job evaluation and Pricing, Compensation System, Benefits, Role of Money in Performance of Employees, Motivation, Occupation, Health & Safety, Stress, Communication in Organization, Trade unions ,Conflict and Negotiation, Power and Politics, Employee Rights and Discipline, Leadership, international dimensions of HRM