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MGT501 : Human Resource Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on different dimensions including an overview of HRM, its history, its approaches and also the fundamental activities currently existing in HRM. Moreover, this course will also elaborate the concepts of unions, labor laws & amp; labor-management relations, leadership, discipline, stress management, and power politics, within the organizations. Finally this course emphasizes on ensuring the balance between the firm’s goals and the interests of the employees, and guide students in developing a vision on HRM from a general manager’s perspective.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • ¦Develop a human resource plan.
  • Design a valid recruitment and selection system
  • Assess training needs, design a training program, and evaluate it
  • Develop and implement a performance evaluation system.
  • Design and implement a compensation system that is equitable, legal, motivating, and cost effective
  • Provide awareness of HRM issues in theoretical and practical context
  • Assess various aspects of Human Resource Management in domestic as well as international perspective

Course Calendar

Career Management24Handouts105-109
Performance Appraisal26Handouts113-116
Job Evaluation and Pricing27Handouts117-120
Assignment #1
Compensation System28Handouts121-126
Role of Money in Performance of Employees30Handouts132-136
Occupation, Health & Safety32Handouts143-145
Stress Management33Handouts146-148
Communication in Organization34Handouts149-153
Trade Unions35Handouts154-160
Conflict and Negotiation36Handouts161-164
Power and Politics37Handouts165-167
Employee Rights and Discipline38Handouts168-170
Quiz No. 2
Revision (Lesson 12-21)41Handouts181-182
Revision (Lesson 22-26)42Handouts183-184
Revision (Lesson 27-35)43Handouts185-187
International Dimensions of HRM44Handouts188-192
Conclusion & Review45Handouts193-198
Final Term Examination
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