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MGT502 : Organizational Behaviour

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MGT211, MGT501, MGT503


Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad
University of California, Riverside

Course Contents

Organizational Behavior, Organization- the Important Component, Understanding the Basics of Human Behavior, Individual Differences- Abilities and Performance, Understanding the Values, Attitudes at Work, Personality, Emotions and Moods, Perception, Perception, Attitude and Personality, Perception and Decision Making, Motivation-the Basic Concept, Motivational Theories, Reward Systems, Foundation of Group Behavior, Understanding Teams, Group Decision Making, Communication, Leadership Theories, Leadership Application, Power and Politics, Conflict and Negotiation, Foundations of Organizational Structure, Organizational Design, Work Design and Technology, Human Resource Policies and Practices, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, Change Management, Organizational Development, Stress and Managing Stress, Future Directions in Organization, International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, Organizational Behavior in a Glance