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MGT503 : Principles of Management

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Dr. Rasheed Kausar
Michigan State University, USA

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Historical overview of Management, Importance of Management in Daily Life Management & Managers, Managerial Tasks & Roles in Organizations, Managerial Functions, I.E. POLCA, Management Process, Challenges for Managers, Managerial Levels & Skills, Managerial Knowledge and Performance, Management Ideas: Yesterday & Today, Management Relationship with Other Fields, Classical View of Management, , Scientific Management Administrative View of Management, Behavioral Theories of Management, Theories on Motivation, The Hawthorne Studies, Quantitative, Contemporary & Emerging Views of management, System View of Management and Organization, Evaluating Environment Types & Understanding Organizational Culture, Organizational Social Responsibility, Ethics, Trends of 21st Century, Global Environment, Importance and Process of Decision Making, Nature and Models Of Managerial Decisions, Decision Making Styles, Group Decision Making & Creativity, Planning & Decision Aids, Planning Techniques, Management By Objective, Strategic Management process, Entrepreneurship management, Significance of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, Job design & departmentalization, Span of command, centralization VS decentralization & Line VS staff authority, Contingency factors, Maslow’s needs theory & its analysis, Other need & cognitive theories of motivation, Significance for Managers, Expectancy, goal setting & reinforcement theories, professionals leadership trait theories, Behavioral and situational models of leadership, Leadership traits & behavior styles, Strategic leadership models, Understanding group dynamics in organizations, Group concepts, stages of group development and Team effectiveness, Characteristics of Effective Teams, Understanding managerial communication, Functions of Communication, Communication networks and channels, Barriers to Effective Communication, Overcoming Barriers, Effect on managerial communication, Controlling as a management function, Controlling organizational performance, Balanced Scorecard, Significance and Types of Productivity Recommended Book Management By Stephen Robbins & Coulter, Mary 7th Edition Prentice Hall Inc Management(Reference Book) Author: Bartol, Kathryn and Martin, David Edition: 3rd Publisher: McGraw-Hill Inc