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MGT503 : Principles of Management

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Dr. Rasheed Kausar
Michigan State University, USA

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Introduction Management and Managers Managerial Roles in Organizations Managerial Roles in Organizations Managerial Levels and Skills Management Ideas: Yesterday and Today Classical View of Management Administrative View of Management Behavioral Theories of Management Quantitative, Contemporary and Emerging Views of Management System’s View of Management and Organization Analyzing Organizational Environment and Understanding Organizational Culture 21st Century Management Trends Understanding Global Environment Decision Making and Decision Taking Rational Decision Making Nature and Types of Managerial Decisions Non Rational Decision Making Group Decision Making and Creativity Planning and Decision Aids 1&2 Planning: Functions & Benefits Planning Process and Goal Levels Management by Objective (MBO) Strategic Management-1&2 Levels of Strategies, Porter’s Model and Strategy Development (BCG) and Implementation Entrepreneurship Management Organizing Job Design/Specialization and Departmentalization Span of Command, Centralization vs Decentralization and Line vs Staff Authority Organizational Design and Organic vs Mechanistic vs Virtual Structures Leading and Leadership Maslow’s Needs Theory and its Analysis Other Need and Cognitive Theories of Motivation Expectancy, Goal Setting and Re-enforcement Theories Motivating Knowledge Professionals Behavioral and Situational Models of Leadership Strategic Leadership Models Understanding Group Dynamics in Organizations Group Concepts, Stages of Group Development and Team Effectiveness Understanding Managerial Communication Communication Networks and Channels. Effect of ICT on Managerial Communication Controlling as a Management Function Controlling Organizational Performance through Productivity and Quality