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MGT504 : Organization Theory & Design

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MGT502, MGT503


MS leading to PhD in Management
School of Business & Economics, University of Management & Technology, Lahore

Course Contents

Introduction to Organization Theory and Design, Current Challenges, Organization as a system, Types of Systems, Organizational Configuration, Dimensions of Organization Design, Introduction to Organization, Organization Design, Structural Dimension, Contextual Dimension, Strategic Management, Miles and Snow’s Strategy Typology, Mission and Goals, Organizational Effectiveness, Organization Structure, Types of Structure, Horizontal Structure, The External Environment, Organizational Responses to Uncertainty, Inter-organization Relationships, Manufacturing & Service Technologies, Organizational Level Service Technologies, Workflow Interdependence Among Departments, Impact of Technology on Job Design, Information Technology & Knowledge Management, Information Technology and Knowledge Management, Organization Size, Organization Life Cycle, Organizational Bureaucracy & Control, Process Controls, Organization, Cultural Strength, Organizational Ethics, Innovation & Change, Types of Change, New Products and Services, Strategies for Implementing Change, Decision Making Processes, Individual Decision Making, Organizational Decision Making, Carnegie Model of decision making, Incremental Decision Process Model, Garbage-Can Model, Conflict & Power, Using Power, Politics and Collaboration, Designs for the Global Arena, Structural Design for Global Operations, Towards Learning Organizations,