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MGT504 : Organization Theory & Design

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course Organization Theory and Design is an informative, interesting and well-established course for learning different aspects about structural designing of contemporary organization – whether it is commercial or non-commercial. The course also presents established and widely recognized theories in this subject area which enhances the future importance of this course for the research purpose. In this course, different dimensions of the organizational structure and design are discussed in complete detail. Critical concepts like organizational effectiveness, organizational structure, external environment, organizational ecosystem, IT and its role for the organizational development, knowledge management, organizational size, organizational culture and global trends etc. are discussed in detail with practical implications. Most of the concepts covered in this course are of practical nature and with the real life examples of organizations from the modern and developed societies. This course has been designed especially for real time online learning of the students. It is expected that the students will enjoy learning this course which would be helpful for real life implications in different organizational perspectives.

Course Learning Outcomes

Following are the main learning outcomes intended from this course:

  • Integration of theories and concepts of organizations with environment, both general and specific to organizations within the industrial sectors.
  • To compensate for the lack of experience of most of the students at the middle and upper management levels, the playing field of organization theory course, where organization theory is most applicable in practice.
  • The description of the companies that have undergone a major shift in organization design, strategic direction, values or culture as they strive to become learning organizations and be more competitive in today’s turbulent global environment.
  • To set out and discuss in detail the basic premises of different schools of thought in organizational strategy formulation and its impact on the design and structure of the organizations.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Organization Theory and Design1Handouts1-5
Dimensions of Organization Design3Handouts8-9
Organizational Purpose4Handouts10-11
Strategy & Desgin5Handouts12-13
Mission & Goals6Handouts14-17
Organizational Effectiveness7Handouts18-21
Quiz # 1
Organization structure8Handouts22-25
Organization structure9Handouts26-29
Organization structure (contd.)10Handouts30-33
The external environment11Handouts34-38
External environment (contd.)12Handouts39-42
Organizational ecosystems13Handouts43-52
Manufacturing and service technologies14Handouts53-56
Manufacturing and service technologies (contd.)15Handouts57-59
Manufacturing and service technologies (continued)16Handouts60-65
Information technology evolution17Handouts66-70
IT & organization design18Handouts71-73
Knowledge management19Handouts74-78
Quiz # 2
Organization size – is bigger better?20Handouts79-81
Organizational characteristics during the life cycle21Handouts81-83
Organization bureaucracy and control22Handouts84--85
Mid-term Exams
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