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MGT522 : Introduction to Public Policy

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Dr. Imdad Hussain
Phd in Public Policy
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo

Course Contents

1. Public Policy and Social Science 2. Why study the origins of Public Policy 3. Stages of Policy Process 4. Colonial Public Policy 5. Colonial Influence on Policy Making 6. Measures of Good Policy, Rational Choice Theory 7. What is advocacy? 8. Writing Policy Briefs 9. Harold Dwight Lasswell 10.Institutionalism 11.Institutions & Public Policy in Pakistan 12.Charles E. Lindblom 13.National Education Policy 2009 14.Trade Policy of Pakistan 15.Herbert Simon 16.Responding to Sanitation Crisis 17.Making Pakistan Healthier 18.Dealing with Climate Change 19.Making Cities Work for Pakistan 20.Deborah Stone 21.Investment Policy of Pakistan 22.Globalization and Public Policy 23.Yehezkel Dror 24.Aaron Wildavsky 25.Helen Ingram 26.Hugh Helco 27.Creating New Bureaucracy 28.Pakistani Policy Thinkers 29.Amitai Etzioni 30.James Q. Wilson 31.Peter Deleon 32.John S. Dryzek 33.Postmodernism and Public Policy 34.Collaborative Planning 35.Collaborative Planning 36.Making Policy Work 37.From Theory to Theorizing