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MGT601 : SME Management

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MGT211, MGT503


Dr. Ch. Shahzad Ansar
PhD (Management)
Sorbonne, France

Course Contents

  • History, definition and regional concepts of SMEs 
  • The Regional Concept of SMEs
  • The Role of Entrepreneurship in SMEs
  •  Kinds of Entrepreneurs
  •  Their Role and Functions in an Enterprise
  •  Small Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and Role of SMEs in Global and Regional Level
  •  The Development of SMEs in Pakistan
  • Government Efforts Towards SMEs Development
  • The Role of NGOs
  • Issues and Policy Development for SME
  • Short and Medium Term Issues for SME Policy Formulation
  • Long Term Issues for SME Policy
  • The Start up Process of a Small
  • Technical and Marketing Feasibility of the Identified Project
  • Financial Feasibility of SMEs
  • Problems Faced by Newly Established Company
  • Post and Field Problems Faced by a New Enterprise
  • Guide Lines for Approaching Lenders
  • Types of Collaterals/Guarantees / Assets and Pledge Techniques for Security
  • Aspects of Financial Management
  • Working Capital
  • Recruitment, Selection And Training, Training and Development
  • Learning in an Organization
  • Quality Control
  • Role of Marketing in SME
  • Role of Technology, 
  • Export Potential of SME in Developing Countries 
  • Word Trade Organization
  • WTO Ministerial Conferences
  • Pakistan & WTO
  •  WTO Conclusions and Recommendations