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MGT602 : Entrepreneurship

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MGT211, MGT503, MGT601


Prof. Dr. Ch. Shahzad Ansar
PhD in Management
Sorbonne, France

Course Contents

·         The nature and importance of entrepreneurship

·         The entrepreneurial decision process

·         Types of start-ups

·         Entrepreneurial process

·         Managerial versus entrepreneurial decision making

·         Corporate versus entrepreneurial culture

·         Intrapreneurial leadership characteristics

·         Entrepreneurial feelings

·         Entrepreneurial background and characteristics

·         Role models and support systems

·         The nature of international entrepreneurship

·         Direct foreign investment

·         Barriers to international trade

·         Entrepreneurial partnering

·         Sources of new ideas

·         Methods of generating new ideas

·         Product planning and development process

·         E-commerce and business start-up and growth

·         What is intellectual property

·         How to select a lawyer

·         Legal issues for the entrepreneur

·         Creating and starting the venture

·         Business plan

·         The marketing plan

·         The organizational plan

·         The financial plan: operating and capital budgets

·         Pro forma sources and uses of funds, Bank lending decisions

·         Sources of capital

·         Capital sources in Pakistan

·         Preparing for the new venture launch

·         New venture expansion strategies and issues

·         Acquisitions

·         Mergers

·         Entrepreneurship & Pakistan