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MGT602 : Entrepreneurship

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MGT211, MGT503, MGT601


Miss Noreen Zahra Ali, Dr. Rizwan Saleem Sandhu

Course Contents

§  History and Introduction of Entrepreneurship

§  Routes to Entrepreneurship: Buying an Existing Business

§  Routes to Entrepreneurship: Joining a Family Business

§  Routes to Entrepreneurship: Franchising and Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

§  Entrepreneurial Process

§  Entrepreneurship and Creativity

§  Strategic Management in Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce

§  Business Idea and Business Plan

§  NABC: Presenting the Business idea

§  The Marketing and Legal Aspects for an Entrepreneurial Venture

§  The Management and Financial Aspects for an Entrepreneurial Venture

§  Growth of Entrepreneurial Firms and Globalization

§  Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Ethical Considerations