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MGT602 : Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This entrepreneurship course is designed to provide step by step guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs that will help turning their business ideas into successful business ventures. This course can be viewed as an overview of entrepreneurial basic concepts of what it is all about to fathom into entrepreneurial essential concepts, skills, mindset, methods and strategies to successfully launch a business venture in a competitive market. This course is a step by step manual to walk an entrepreneur through the process of launching a successful enterprise by covering all elements of business plan and risk taking. Creativity and innovation is the prime focus of this course and it will also help students to assess opportunities at national and international level and turn a disruptive idea into high-impact venture.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Potential to be entrepreneur, and to explore the ingredients of the entrepreneurial process
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide a self-analysis in the context of an entrepreneurial career and select the best business according to your resources and finance
  • Comprehend the core concepts and theories of entrepreneurship
  • Acquire entrepreneurship skills including creativity, risk-taking, employability, and transferability
  • Creating an appropriate business plan and select suitable business model
  • Successfully turning a business idea into business venture

Course Calendar

1 Theme 01 History and Introduction of Entrepreneurship

2 Theme 02 Routes to Entrepreneurship: Buying an Existing Businesss

3 Theme 03 Routes to Entrepreneurship: Joining a Family Business

4 Theme 04 Routes to Entrepreneurship: Franchising

5 Theme 05 Routes to Entrepreneurship: Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

6 Theme 06 Entrepreneurial Process
Midterm Exams

7 Theme 07 Entrepreneurship and Creativity

8 Theme 08 Strategic Management in Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce

9 Theme 09 Business Idea and Business Plan

10 Theme 10 NABC and Business Model Canvas: Presenting a business idea

11 Theme 11 The marketing and legal aspects of an entrepreneurial venture

12 Theme 12 The management aspects of an entrepreneurial venture

13 Theme 13 Financial aspects of an entrepreneurial venture

14 Theme 14 Growth of entrepreneurial firms and globalization

15 Theme 15 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Ethical Considerations