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MGT610 : Business Ethics

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MGT211, MGT503


Dr. Shahzad Ansar
PhD in Management
Sorbonne, France

Course Contents

Introduction, Theory of Ethical Relativism, Moral Developments and Moral Reasoning, Moral Reasoning, Utilitarianism, Universalizability & Reversibility, Egalitarians’ View, The Ethics of Care, Morality in International Contexts, Free Market & Planned Economy, Law of Nature, Free Markets and Utility: Adam Smith, Free Market Economy, Competition and the Market, Oligopolies and Public Policy, Forests and Biodiversity, Ethics & the Environment, The Ethics of Pollution control, Ethics of Care, The Ethics of Consumer - Product,ion and Marketing Consumers & Information, The contract view of business duties to consumers, The Due Care Theory, The social costs view of the manufacturers's duties, Advertising Ethics, Advertising and Self-Regulation, Consumer Privacy, Ethics of Job Discrimination,